Is my Smart TV Spying on Me?

First guest post! This post comes from Kyle Helm, from the Royal Military College of Canada. Kyle is currently working on his Master's in Computer Engineering with particular emphasis on Computer and Network Security.   Is my Smart TV Spying on me?   The answer is probably not, let me explain...recent headlines have naturally been... Continue Reading →


The elevator hummed as it neared the top floor. The General took a deep breath; the future of humanity in the intergalactic conclave rested on his ability to persuade the council. The door slid open and the aide to senator Galian stood waiting for him. “Good evening General, Are you ready to enter the chamber?”... Continue Reading →


This is an essay I wrote for my Advocacy class in school. We were told to pick a topic that meant something to us. I had just finished binge watching Daredevil Season 1, and the topic of vigilante justice is one of the focal points of the series. Vigilantism We all know the story, an... Continue Reading →

What Cosplaying means

As I gear up to begin work on my next Fan Expo costume i am reminded of this past year at Fan Expo 2016, when both Chris and I received one of the best gifts someone could ask for. Before your mind races guessing what type of awesome loot we would receive at a convention... Continue Reading →

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