The Most Dangerous Wookie in the Galaxy – Black Krrsantan

Coming straight off of episode 2 of the Book of Boba Fett, this post is going to contain SPOILERS for the show as well as the 2015 Darth Vader run from Marvel Comics.

The Book of Boba Fett

So yesterday, Disney dropped the second episode to their newest inclusion into the Galaxy Far Far away, The Tribes of Tattooine, on the Book of Boba Fett. In the episode we are shown Boba as he works to establish his reputation following the botched attempt on his life from the premier episode.

Someone had hired The Clan of the Night Wind to attack Boba on the street and attempt to capture him. Not willing to go back to captivity after all he accomplished escaping from the Sarlaac, Boba and Fennec laid an epic beatdown that resulted in all but one of the would be assassins getting killed. Fennec brings the survivor back to Boba’s palace where, through some deceptive trickery (pretending they were going to feed him to a Rancor), the assassin revealed he was hired by the mayor to kill him.

I said “capture him” originally because the weapons they used were stun batons and ray shields to force him into a spot where they could subdue him. The assassin insists that he and the others were hired to KILL Fett.

Boba ventures to the mayor of Mos Espa, an Ithorian named Mok Shaiz, to demand an answer as to why the mayor wanted him dead. Despite the threat to himself, the mayor insists that he has no reason to want Boba dead and that he will find the answers he seeks at Madame Garsa’s establishment. Boba venture to see Madame Garsa when he hears the telltale whump of drums signifying the arrival of a Hutt litter. Boba exits the building and is confronted by The Twins; distant cousins of Jabba the Hutt wanting to lay claim to their cousin’s territory now that Jabba is dead. Boba refuses them saying that the territory is his by right now because he claimed it by killing Bib Fortuna. As the exchange is going on we get a large and imposing dark coloured Wookie emerge from behind the litter and stare Boba down. The Wookie, is none other than Black Krrsantan.


When he was a young child, Black Krrsantan (BK for short), fled from his homeworld of Kashyyyk and sought out the Xonti Brothers who were known to traffic in slaves. The brothers were reviewing their latest acquisitions when they came across the young Wookie who wasn’t in chains. When Noka (the slaver who brought BK) was asked why the Wookie wasn’t in chains, it was revealed that he had “volunteered”. The slaves and BK were immediately thrown into training to fight in the gladiator pits the brothers ran.

Before he found the Xonti brothers however, he fought four different bands of slavers who had come to Kashyyyk looking for Wookies to sell. BK killed the first four bands of slavers and when the fifth band arrive (a group of Trandoshans) he saw his opportunity. Trandoshans (Bossk) and Wookies are natural enemies with the Trandoshans actually hunting the Wookies for sport and adorning their throne rooms and quarters with Wookie pelts. In the first episode of Book of Boba Fett, one of the Trandoshans actually gives the new Daimyo ,Boba, a Wookie pelt as tribute to his rule. BK used a bleeding Wookie as bait to set a trap for the Trandoshan slavers killing all but one, Noka.

Following his joining of the Xonti and their fighting pits, BK learned to fight in several different styles and how to use his size, and strength to his advantage. The other slaves he was captured with didn’t fare as well in the training as he did with all of them either dying or falling to BK. The Xonti Brothers actually surgically implanted metal into the Wookie’s knuckles to give him “permanent knuckle dusters” which allowed him to knock the final slave out with a single punch.

The Xonti Brothers put BK into the fighting circuit where he quickly became a heavyweight champion. His final fight involved him against 3 heavily armed enemies. BK was given a pair of blades which he discarded immediately and went on to savagely beat the other fighters to death. He crushed the Trandoshan fighter’s head, snapped another’s neck and threw the final one into a fire alive and watched him burn. Several buyers wanted to purchase BK but the large Wookie wasn’t for sale. BK swore to affect the Xonti brothers in the same way they had affected him.

BK is crowned Grand Champion


It isn’t expressly explained how but around 10 ABY (I refuse to use the Disney style of dates), BK became a permanent Bounty Hunter for none other than Jabba the Hutt. His first job for the deceased mafia slug, was to find the one responsible for stopping his water tax and deal with them. Jabba had been extorting the moisture farmers of Tattooine for years and until recently (post Order 66) nobody had ever stood up to him. BK was dispatched to find the man or group stopping the tax and deal with them as quickly as possible. BK travelled to the location of the attack on Jabba’s men and discovered the farmer who had refused to pay was Owen Lars (Luke’s uncle). BK took Lars hostage, knowing he wasn’t the one to send Jabba’s men packing and laid a trap for the real culprit. Obi Wan (the one who had fought off Jabba’s men) arrived to free Lars and BK jumped the Jedi master trying to kill him. In a brief but pitched battle, BK was defeated and fell off a cliff, but survived. Knowing how Jabba feels about failure, BK fled Tattooine to seek work elsewhere, though he would alter return to work under the Hutt’s employ once again.

BK vs. Obi Wan Kenobi

Following the battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Death Star, Vader traveled to Tattooine to speak with Jabba. While he was there on official imperial business (negotiating a supply route and materials) he took the opportunity to hire two bounty hunters from Jabba’s menagerie; Boba Fett and BK. Fett was hired to find and capture the pilot who had destroyed the Death Star while BK was hired to track down a scientists of high rank, and personal friend to Sidious, Cylo-IV. While Fett would come up empty handed save for a name “Skywalker”, BK proved to be a little more successful having tracked the scientist and apprehended him in the Outer Rim. BK brought the scientist to Vader’s Nubian Starship where he watched 0-0-0 torture and kill the scientist in front of Vader.

Following the end of his contract with Vader, BK along with several other bounty hunters (Bossk, IG-88, and several others) were summoned to a Cantina on Son-tuul to meet with a new benefactor for a job. While he waited, BK located the local fighting pits where Wookie slaves were forced to fight for their owners’ amusement against their own kind. BK strangled one of the contestants taking his place and became the champion after beating the previous champion to death with his bare hands. This marks the second time BK willingly entered the fighting pits to emerge a champion.

BK was hired by Doctor Aphra to assist with a heist on Son-Tuul where his cut was to be a bigger payday than he had received to date. The heist went off with a few kinks, but the robbers were ultimately successful.

Vader and the Empire had put out an open contract on Luke and BK attacked the Millennium Falcon, causing it to crash on Vrogos Vas. He boarded the damaged freighter and expected to find Skywalker, but was instead greeted by Chewie. Chewbacca had been captured and tortured by 0-0-0 and wasn’t able to best the bounty hunter in a melee fight. BK rounded on Han who despite the disadvantage tried to put up a fight. It took a stroke of luck when BK punched C-3P0 causing the gladiator to get knocked out by a short in the droids system.


Following the death of Jabba at the hands of Princess Leia in 4 ABY, BK freelanced until he came under the employ of the twins in 9 ABY. While the Twins spent much of their engaging in debauchery on Nal Hutta (the Hutt home world) BK acted as their muscle and journeyed with them to Tattooine when they tried to claim Jabba’s territory from Boba Fett. Despite the imposing figure that BK shows, Fett wasn’t impressed by the arrival of the murderous Wookie.

“You can bring as many gladiators as you wish, but these aren’t the death pits of Durr and I’m not a sleeping Trandoshan Guard” – Boba Fett to the Twins regarding BK


I am super excited to see BK in a live action show! He was one of the characters I liked the most when reading the Marvel Star Wars comics and really wanted to see more of this Wookie who could take not only a Jedi master in a fight, but straight up demolished Chewie and Han as well.

My theory, that I bounced off my friends Chris and Ben, is that BK is going to be overarching villain to tie all the Star Wars shows together. Given with how long Wookies can live (Chewie was 190 when he met Han), BK could effectively be present in almost all eras of Star Wars continuity to date. Even potentially, the High Republic era. If Disney and Lucasfilms use the character well, he could be developed into a Kingpin/ Joker style of villain that can link the continuity to give us one singular constant character. It would need to be done well though and I don’t know if Lucasfilms is up to that task. They’ve developed this reputation of giving characters incredible back stories to then misuse them when it comes to live action, case and point Boba Fett. Boba has QUITE an extensive character arc in the old EU that saw him free Mandalore, become a Journeyman Protector of the Mandalorian people and even rule the planet for a brief period; Disney however, threw all that out the window when they purchased Star Wars from George Lucas all those years ago. They’re slowly building back the reputation of the older characters but it seems that Disney want to establish their own characters as surrogates for the old guard: Old Man Luke/Old Ben Kenobi, Boba Fett/Din Djarin, Chewie/BK, Vader/Kylo, etc.

I really hope that BK gets a great introduction in the Book of Boba Fett and I’m hoping the showrunners do right by the character that is one of the very few to leap from the Star Wars comic continuity to the live action screens.

Here’s to hoping!

BK in a fighting pit

The Multiverse awaits…

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