Venom #200 – What’s Next for the Lethal Protector?

THIS POST CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR VENOM #200, the final issue of Donny Cates’ run on the classic Anti-Hero.

Still with me? Alright, here we go!

The King in Black Storyline is officially done and as we can all expect, Eddie stands victorious over Knull and his massive army of slave symbiotes. Eddie has become a fully fledged hero following the war against the former God of the symbiotes. He has become the God to the symbiotes and as such can connect to every single symbiote throughout the entire universe. He is able to perceive through their senses and can take control of them to get a more hands on approach for an epic beatdown. But what exactly happened in Venom #200? Read on and find out!


Eddie rapidly aged from being the God of the symbiotes

As I said before, Eddie has become the hero he always knew he could be. For starting out as a villain hellbent on destroying Spider-Man, Eddie has made incredible development as a character throughout his years as Venom. At the conclusion of the King in Black event, Eddie used a special battle axe he made from Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and the surfboard of the Silver Surfer. He used the battle axe to cut through swaths of symbiote slaves and even managed to behead a symbiote controlled celestial on his way to finish of Knull. That’s Right, Eddie in his new form and armed with his battle axe took a celestial on single handedly and killed it with a single blow. That is some serious power. I don’t think even Galactus himself would be able to do that. He then used the sun the burn Knull to a crisp and end his tyranny on the galaxy once and for all.

Eddie was named the God of the symbiotes and was given an official thanks from the Avengers, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy for what he did in the war with Knull. As a thank you, he was offered a permanent spot on the Avengers, which he declined, and Tony bought him an apartment in New York for him to raise Dylan. When approached by Cap about his membership, Eddie declines but does say that he has someone in mind and that he’s sure they’ll fit right in. He, of course, is talking about Flash Thompson/ Agent Venom.

Because Eddie is able to connect to the entire symbiote race throughout the galaxy, he created his own nexus or throne, which is kept in his new apartment. For him to constantly be working with the rest of the Klyntar across the galaxy though, the task takes a large toll on him. Because Eddie is only human, his constant use of the “Hive Mind” of the Klyntar ages his rapidly. He went from being a man of middle age to someone who is pushing 60 in the span of a few months from the strain his body endures while working as the God of the symbiotes.


Knull is no more. He was first introduced by Donny Cates at the start of his run on Venom and played a HUGE role in the Venom comic, Absolute Carnage and the King in Black storyline. He was the original god/creator of the symbiote race and is even more ancient than the Celestials. Knull existed before the light of creation shone through the universe. He floated in the darkness of the abyss for millennia until the Celestials showed up and began creating the universe as we know it. Knull took this as an assault on his home and forged “all Black the Necro Sword” from the living darkness and used it to slay the Celestials. He goes to war with the Celstials and while he is able to kill a few of them, he is ultimately banished to the abyss. The celestials continue to create and Knull discovers he can use his own blood to make new symbiotes which he can then control telepathically and use them to corrupt the Celstials’ creations. He amasses an army but the one thing he wasn’t counting on was his brood being good and not evil like him. His creations swarmed him and he was imprisoned in a cell made from their bodies that formed the symbiote home world of Klyntar.

Obviously he manages to get free and once again starts trying to corrupt all life in the universe under his control giving him a massive army. During the battle he rallies all sorts of nightmarish creatures to his side including Vampires and massive dragon symbiotes. This wasn’t enough though as the Avengers teamed up with Blade and Venom to take the King in Black on and eventually destroy him and all trace of his influence over the peaceful Klyntar. Eddie actually grabbed Knull and flew him into the sun burning him to a crisp while saying “This Is For Dylan”.


Oh boy, this is where it gets good. So with Eddie’s new powers as the Hive Mind of the Klyntar he is able to control and see through every single symbiote in the universe, except for Venom. Venom was cut off from the collective and so Eddie isn’t able to control any aspect of his once bonded partner. That being said, with everything they’ve been through, Eddie and Venom have become extremely close with Venom actually taking the form of a large black dog who walks with Dylan to and from school to make sure he arrives unharmed. When Dylan gets beat up at school, Venom isn’t there to protect him. As the pair walk home, they hear an older woman scream from the alleyway they’re passing. Dylan runs down the alley to help the woman who is being mugged by Jack-o-Lantern. Jack-o-Lantern doesn’t like the fact that someone is trying to stop him and threatens Dylan. Venom jumps into action and tries to defend Dylan from the C-list supervillain. Lantern fires his pistol at Venom but the bullet passes through the symbiote and hits Dylan in the heart. Venom bonds with the young boy to save him from the mortal wound and they become the new Venom. This Venom is much larger and bulkier than Eddie’s version, the new suit looks more in line with Mac Gargan Venom than Eddie Brock. The new Venom then grabs Jack-o-Lantern by the face and it appears as though they kill him for what he did.

As I said, the new Venom is larger in stature and even comes with chains wrapped around his wrists which he can use during a fight.

When Venom arrives at the roof of their new home, Eddie is waiting and despite what Dylan and Venom think, he isn’t upset. He tells the two of them that with everything he’s been through over the years, he knows that the safest place for Dylan in the entire universe is with Venom inside that suit. Venom thanks Eddie and tells him he will do everything it can to keep Dylan safe. They over hear an alarm being triggered a few blocks away and the pair of them suit up and jump off to foil the crime.


Dylan has had a rough go of it throughout the whole King in Black storyline. First he finds out that his dad is Eddie Brock, then he finds out his dad is Venom, then he finds out the God of the symbiotes has a special hate on for him and hi dad and finally, he gets bonded with a symbiote during the King in Black arc and has it literally ripped out of him cell by cell by Venom in an attempt to save him from Knull’s mind control. When we start the comic, Dylan is shown to be a little annoyed that his dad is spending so much time governing the symbiotes and it isn’t until he starts getting bullied at school when things really get interesting.

As he is getting bullied by an older student Dylan has a vision. He imagines himself being strong and beating the bully to the ground before killing him with a shard of glass. He snaps out of the vision in time to get a black eye when the bully socks him right in the face with a haymaker. Despite him not starting the fight, the principal berates him for starting the fight and asks him what he plans on doing about always getting into trouble. Dylan holds true that he didn’t start the fight and the principal dismisses him for the day. He meets up with Venom in dog form and the two of them have a long talk on the walk home, until they come across the alley. Dylan remembers how helpless he felt when he was being picked on and so he rushes to the old woman’s aid with Venom in tow. Jack-o-Lantern is distracted enough for the woman to hit him across the face and take off shouting thanks to Dylan. Lantern gets mad and threatens Dylan, Venom who is beside him steps in front and tell Dylan to get behind him as he begins morphing into his large symbiote form. Lanterns gets terrified and fires his pistol into the symbiote, striking Dylan in the heart. Lantern then sees who he hit and is filled with remorse having shot a kid. And the kid of Eddie Brock at that. Venom bonds with Dylan to form the new Venom and the two of them have no sympathy for the villain whom they apparently kill in the alley. The last panel we see is of Venom grabbing Jack-O-lantern’s face before there is some blood splattered on the wall.

Dylan Brock Venom

Dylan arrives home and is shocked to find Eddie waiting for them. He starts apologizing to his dad but Eddie says not to worry and starts commenting on the suit and what it looks like. He knows that this was eventually going to be how things turned out for Dylan and he’s okay with his son taking up his mantle.  Eddie says how the suit is a lot bigger and has chains around the wrist to which Dylan replies that he wanted to look menacing and all the comics he read as a kid had chains, so he thinks they’re cool.

Variant comics thinks this a slight nod to one of the co-creators of Venom and the creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane.


So, at the end of Venom issue #200 we are given a brand new Venom who is younger and more ready to test himself than those in the past. Dylan has seen and experienced more in his short time than some heroes have in their whole career. I for one am very excited at this new spin on the character and can’t wait until the King in Black storyline is collected into a large graphic novel so I can add it to my collection.

*laughs in General Grievous voice*

God Venom on his throne in the official mass produced cover of Venom #200.

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