Expanding on the Untitled Fantasy Project

I’ve been toying with my untitled fantasy project that I started a while ago and came up with this brainwave for fleshing out the universe. The original post which I am expanding on can be found here: https://multiverse9812.blog/2020/11/16/untitled-fantasy-project/

Check it out…

Dragons. Not large corporeal lizards that can fly, speak and cast magic, no. These dragons are savage. Chaos incarnate. They’re formed from the elemental energies of the world and they are magic personified. They are forged by large catastrophes that cause a nexus event where magic and environment become one. The ambient magic in the air solidifies and coalesces with the perfect conditions of the environment, whatever that may be, to form a beast. A dragon. These creations then move about the world taking territory and subjugated those around them to their chaos. Entire regions become different from their topographical norm. Intense oases that appear to be a direct contradiction of their location, are the lairs of these elemental beasts. The magic they’re created from flows off of them in waves, warping and changing the environment around them. Caves that should be filled with ice and snow high up in the large mountain ranges of the north, are filled with lush jungles and forests. Deserts that should be barren and desolate, have pockets of life and water that mark the homes of these beasts. They are power. They are rage. They are magic in its purest form. And there are those who wish to harness that magic for their own gain, that’s where we come in.

Our group are dragon hunters. We travel the world getting rid of these problemed beasts for the right price. We classify them into three distinct categories: Wyrms/Babies (small dragons barely larger than a house), Colossal/Adults (typical size about the size of two barns), and Leviathan/Elder Dragons (huge monstrosities that can dwarf some castles). My team has been hunting dragons for years and in all that time we have only ever encountered five separate colossal dragons. Most of the ones we deal with are wyrms. Barely a threat to the average city, but can wreak havoc on smaller less fortified communities. We move through countries and kingdoms killing and harnessing the essence of these beasts to sell to the high ranking wizards and witches of the land for their own spells and experiments.

There is only 1 (known) Leviathan class dragon of each type in the world. They mostly keep to themselves high up in the mountains or deep in their territory. We don’t bother them and they stay away from us, content on feeding off the smaller members of their kind and absorbing their essence to grow more powerful. Eventually, we’re going to have to deal with them, or let them deal with themselves. Dragons are extremely territorial and if a different type of dragon enters the territory of another, the battle can shake the world. The last great battle involved two massive lightning dragons. The only two known of their kind. They fought in the skies above the Desolation. Their attacks charring and changing the landscape as they battled for days. When the storm cleared, they were gone and a shimmering glaive was standing in the spot where a massive bolt of lightning had fallen. Around it, cascading out in waves after wave of energy was pure creation. Water, vegetation, fire, ice, noxious swamps; all being created by the energy of this spot. As if the planet itself was taking back the land we had destroyed.

Currently, my party is outside of a small town deep in the Western forests trying to deal with a green dragon and her brood as they terrorize a local town. Killing the livestock and even some of the children. We’ve been hired at 500 gold pieces a head for each dragon we kill, with a 1,000 gold bonus if we kill the adult spawning them. We’ve been slowly working our way into the dense jungle that has started growing around the village since the Colossal took up residence in the small valley to the south of the town. The going is slow but we have been making headway. We’ve already killed 12 wyrms and absorbed their essence into separate crystals to be sold later. As we get closer and closer to the valley, the jungle gets more and more dense while the numbers of wyrms get greater and greater. In the beginning we were running into maybe one every two days. Now we’re lucky to get through a day without encountering at least two or three. We’re getting closer to the spawning ground, but unfortunately, that also means we’re getting closer to the nest and the Colossal Dragon waiting for us…

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