My Top Upcoming Game Releases of 2020

It’s that time of the year when all the big announced titles finally have release dates (well most of them do), and I can start planning out my purchases and coordinating with my friend Ben (we game share) to decide who is buying what titles. There are some titles that we both absolutely want (Doom:Eternal, Cyberpunk, Halo Infinite) and there are some that I specifically want that I know he may not (Resident Evil 3, Marvel’s Avengers, etc). My friends and I have become a lot more discerning when we pick games to get hyped about due to the Anthem debacle last year…. Such a waste of money…

Without further ado, here are my top game prospects for the upcoming year!


This one needs no introduction. I’ve been keeping an eye on this project from the world renowned Polish studio CD Projekt Red ever since they teased it nearly 4 years ago at E3. It’s an open world RPG style game set in a future when cybernetics and violence are the norm. The game takes place in Night City in the Free State of California. It is policed by it’s own privatized police force called the Psycho Squad. Due to the level of violence expected in the city, all citizens are able to openly carry weapons in public. Players control a mercenary known only as V who must navigate their way through the city. The game is developed by the same team that’s known for the Witcher game series and will use the an upgraded version of their REDengine to run the game.

I won’t retread the same information I’ve already posted before, but this game looks to be fantastic!

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed and is due out on September 17, 2020.


The sequel to Bathesda and id Softworks’ massive 2016 hit, Doom, is finally coming to the masses. I was a massive fan of the 2016 game and have been looking forward to a sequel ever since the cliffhanger ending and the announcement from id Softworks 2 years ago at E3. The game will pick up two years after the conclusion of the previous game where Samuel Hayden teleported the Doom marine to an unknown location saying that they will meet again. The time has come and Earth has been overrun with demonic forces despite the best efforts of UAC ( Union Aerospace Corporation) and the military. The Doom marine has been recalled from his isolation and he must once again don the suit and do battle with the forces of Hell to save humanity.

The game will run off the id Tech 3 engine meaning we’re going to gets lots of gore, glory kills and guns just like the last game. The timeline of these newer inclusions in the series is a bit confusing, best I can surmise is that they are spirited sequels to the original Doom II. At the conclusion of Doom II the marine makes the choice to lock himself in Hell to permanently stop the demonic forces from being able to constantly break into our world. He was imprisoned and stripped of his armour to stop him from slaughtering all of Hell in anger. The 2016 begins with you being revived from a relic found in Hell with a warning about the “Demon Killer” contained within.

The game is mature rated and has some of the best video game music that I have ever had the good fortune of hearing. Classical original scores are amazing as well (Skyrim), but there’s just something so satisfying about hearing two very heavy metal “dun duns” after picking up a double barrel and loading some rounds.

Doom Eternal is set to release on March 20, 2020.


This one caught me by a bit of a surprise. I hadn’t seen anything about this game and then when I finally beat the remake of Resident Evil 2, after the credits it rolled the trailer for this beauty! I love the Resident Evil games and most of the movies as well despite how hammy they are. But I have long been requesting a remaster of the original games to bring back the old days of great gaming, when story and good gameplay were the focus and not ridiculous multiplayer and DLC.

The game is set prior to and after the events of the previous remake of Resident Evil 2. The player controls Jill Valentine as she attempts to escape Raccoon City during the initial T-virus outbreak. She is being hunted by Nemesis, a secret Umbrella project, that was being showcased for the military as it hunted down all remaining S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) members in the city. Jill is fresh off the horror of the mansion in the mountains and is just trying to get out of town, but Umbrella won’t let her. The game also looks to feature Carlos Olivera as an Umbrella squad member who is also a personal favourite of mine. Oded Fehr was fantastic in the role in the love action movies and he should be brought back to voice the character in the game!

The game looks to be top notch and brings some of the best gameplay graphics seen in quite some time. Check out the trailer below!

Resident Evil 3 is set to release on April 3, 2020.


This one was announced by Square Enix at E3 2018, and is created by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. They were met with a lot of criticism for their character models and their deviation from the massively successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. The game is set to follow the team after the tragedy of “A-Day”. When the Avengers announce the opening of their San Francisco headquarters complete with a helicarrier powered by a Terrigen crystal, catastrophe strikes. The helicarrier is destroyed along with a large portion of the city and Captain America is missing and presumed dead. The Avengers are blamed for the tragedy and disband as a result. 5 years after A-Day, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) uncovers evidence of a conspiracy and embarks on a quest to unite the team once again and avenger Cap’s death while bringing those actually responsible for A-Day to justice.

The game looks to be an amalgamation of the likes of Ultimate Alliance and a classic RPG. All the main roster of Avengers are playable: Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Ms. Marvel with Hawkeye and Hank Pym making appearances as well. The voice cast they’ve assembled (pun intended) is top notch as well: Travis Willingham, Nolan North, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey all voice various avengers with Sandra Saad voicing Ms. Marvel. Some of the criticism that was met with the announcement of the game was the fact that despite having the entire MCU cast to work with, they used new character models and voice actors for very well known roles. I understand the decision for this move as they wanted a more comic based game rather than trying to fit it in the MCU; but, playing as Iron Man and hearing Robert Downey Jr. tossing out little quips would’ve been amazing!

The gameplay looks to be in the vein of Marvel Ultimate Alliance with heroes being able to team up for uber powerful attacks. Check out the gameplay below:

Marvel’s Avengers was set to release in May 2020 but has been delayed to September 4, 2020.


This is the one. The one I’ve been waiting for since 2015 when Halo 5: Guardians was released. The supposed final end to the Master Chief saga. The entire franchise has had it’s ups and downs and everything in between. It’s made me laugh, it’s made me emotional and it’s made me quite angry at time. This is my absolute favourite franchise of any game. I will continue to buy every Halo game as long as they keep getting made, and I will do it with no regrets. This is set to be the flagship title that launches with the new Xbox console later this year, code named Project Scarlett currently.

Little is known about the story so far, 343 Industries has kept it pretty hush hush. We do know that it will feature another Halo ring and the Master Chief will be deployed to assist the human forces that are on the ring. Given the Legendary ending and the plot of Halo 5 with Cortana going rogue and uniting the created (A.I) against their creators, it’s safe to say that Chief will have to potentially kill his life long friend. The legendary ending of Halo 5 sees Cortana activate a distant Halo ring while humming the same tune that 343 Guilty Spark and the other monitors do in the previous games.

The game will showcase a new game engine that 343 industries built from the ground up to be able to run their game the way they wanted it to. The new engine is called Splispace and it is gorgeous. The teaser they released to showcase the engine 2 years ago was phenomenal and the trailer for the actual game released at E3 2019, was amazing. Steve Downes will once again be reprising the role of the Master Chief with Jennifer Taylor returning for Cortana as well.

Check out the trailer below:

THOSE DRUMS IN THE TRAILER AT THE END!!!! God… that takes me back! I could spend all day talking about this game but I will limit myself.

Halo Infnite is set to release in November 2020.


This one is a bit of a mystery. As someone who has put over 3 years into the original Rainbow Six: Siege, this one caught my eye. Inspired by the “Outbreak” event that saw the Rainbow operators try and quell a virus outbreak in a small American town, the team responsible for the event have developed an entire game centered on a new premise. This game will feature the operators of Rainbow Six, you can see Ela (GROM defender) and someone who looks like Vigil (707th SMB defender) in the trailer below assaulting a building to retrieve one of their team who is infected and out of ammo except for their pistol. Based on the weapon shown and the costume my guess is that the one being rescued is Thermite (FBI SWAT attacker).

Like Halo, not much information has been released regarding the story or the type of game. Lots of rumours have been published from various YouTube channels, but nothing concrete from the development or publishing team. The little bit of information we have is from a posting on the Epic Games storefront that details this “Rainbow Six Quarantine is a tactical, co-op three player shooter set several years in the future in the Rainbow Six universe”. Apparently, the game will focus on a new alien parasite that the team must combat in an attempt to quell the infection. The parasite rapidly infects hosts & surroundings and the mutated alien parasite is more dangerous than before. It will take everything you have to stop the infection.

The game is set to release late 2020.


Vampire: Masquerade has been around for quite some time and has become massively popular in the table top circle. Originally a table top Role playing game (a la Dungeons and Dragons), the franchise has been making the leap to the video game market with Bloodlines in 2004 and now Bloodlines 2. The game is developed by Hardsuit Labs and published by Paradox Interactive.

The story centers on a newly turned human (Thinblood Vampire) who was turned during a Mass Embrace. The Mass Embrace is when rogue vampires (not aligned with one of the clans/families) attack a large amount of humans to turn them without permission. This sets all the clans against each other as each believes that one of the others have acted without a consensus which can break the “masquerade” (how vampires and other nightmare creatures influence the world without humans knowing). The ruling clans are as follows: Toreadors (closest to humans with a passion for culture), The Ventrue (noble and powerful leaders), Brujah (idealists gifted with fighting), Malkavians (cursed with either insanity or gifted great insight), Gangrel (secretive loners in tune with their animal nature), Tremere (untrustworthy, secretive, wielders of blood magic) and the Nosferatu (condemned to live in the shadows and avoid humanity). All of these clans are very loosely allied against their opposition, the Sabbat; vampires that revel in their power and embrace the beast within.

The game is described as a horror action role playing game and will only be single player. It uses the Unreal Engine 4 and boasts fast paced combat much in the vein of the Dishonored franchise.

Originally slated for March 2020, it has been pushed to an unspecified later date in 2020.

Those are my top prospects for gaming in 2020. I should say that by the obvious inclusion of Halo on this list I am an Xbox player so I didn’t include the likes of highly anticipated Playstation games like Last of Us 2 or the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Let me know if any others catch your eye!

See you next week!

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