Ghost Rider – Hell Hammer

I had a couple of nice big ol’ posts prepared that I could publish, one giving a brief history of Bloodshot due to the trailer that was released on Monday and another involving Superman and Shazam because of the sequel to Batman Who Laughs; but when I saw this little nugget of comic awesomeness, I knew I had to write about it because Ghost Rider is one of my favourite characters.

So recently in Marvel Comics, Ghost Rider has been making a lot of headway. The Cosmic Ghost Rider storyline has become a fan favourite along with the new Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider becoming a mainstay on the Avengers. Finally… More Ghost Rider!!! This got me so excited that when I read it, I just stared at my screen..

Ghost Rider has a Hell Hammer that can rival Mjolnir!!!

Yes. A Hammer of Hellfire that is bigger and just as dangerous as Mjolnir, Thor’s magical hammer. Let me explain…

So in recent Ghost Rider comics, Robbie Reyes was challenged by Johnny Blaze, who was the OG and best known Ghost Rider. Blaze went through some stuff. He fought and beat Lucifer, he took on the Angels in Heaven and he became the King of Hell. Yes, the literal king of Hell, Johnny ousted Lucifer from his throne and now sits on it as the King of Hell. He now controls the entirety of Hell and all of its denizens.

The King of Hell on his Throne

In the last few issues of the Avengers there has been a challenge issued, The Challenge of the Ghost Riders. Basically, Johnny wants to have a race to see who’s faster and who’s better? (the actual reason is a little unclear) , but it does pit the Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle with the power cosmic and Zarathos), Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider (newer younger Ghost Rider from Marvel Now!, possessed by his serial killer uncle) and the classic Johnny Blaze (OG Ghost Rider bonded with Zarathos and King of Hell) against each other. Ultimately, because of Robbie’s position as an Avenger, this leads to direct confrontation between the Avengers and Johnny Blaze, King of Hell.

Johnny has gone mad with power and is becoming increasingly antagonistic, causing the Avengers to step in. As they confront the new King, Thor attacks Johnny hoping to catch him off guard and win the fight quickly. He even goes as far as placing mjolnir on Johnny’s chest after knocking him down to keep him there.

Johnny, in his infinite wisdom, gets an idea. He summons his Hellcycle, and through his ability to completely control it, and various other hell related things, forms it into his own Hell Hammer. His hammer is larger than mjolnir and is bristling with hellfire energy.

He wallops Thor with it and then the two set to fighting. The fight takes place off panel but we are still gifted with this beauty of a scene..

Johnny and his Hellhammer

Ghost Rider is one of the more powerful beings in Marvel comics due to his demonic abilities and magical powers. When Green Skar Hulk returned after his time on Sakaar, Johnny went toe to toe with him in downtown New York. That’s a feat all on it’s own as not even the Illuminati (the most brilliant minds in Marvel) would meet Hulk in open battle. They fought to a stand still before Johnny tried to use the Penance stare on Hulk and realized he was not the guilty party in that endeavour and then he left (to continue hunting down Lucifer).

Not only does Johnny possess potentially limitless powers, he is also able to completely manipulate hellfire energy and utilize it however he sees fit.

I’m very excited to see if this hammer can lay out the God of Thunder or if it’s going to be the equivalent of a rubber mallet. Either way, I think the upcoming Ghost Rider War is going to be a run that I will DEFINITELY have to pick up.

See you next time!

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