Sith Troopers – The Newest Addition To The First Order

I know I may be a little late to this one, they were released and announced over a week ago, but I’ve been busy catching up on things I’ve missed and helping a friend out with some video shooting. That being said, the newest additions to the First Order were announced in toy form as the upcoming release of The Rise of Skywalker draws ever closer.

First off, Sith Troopers are not a “new concept” to Star Wars. They’ve been around for years in the now de-canonized “Legends” media. Thousands of years ago, when the Sith were a major force in the galaxy and not just two people with Dark Side abilities, they had legions of troops at their disposal. These troops were dressed the same across all contingents of the Sith forces and they fought tooth and nail for their empire. This is what the old Sith Troopers looked like…

Along with their Sith Commandos…

And even their Sith Officers…

All of these are either concept photos of screenshots from the Knights of the Old Republic (2003) & Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords (2004) games.

Now in true Disney fashion of shitting on everything that came before them, they have released their new “Canon” troopers from the upcoming movie. Now there’s just one thing I have to say about these “new” Sith Troopers, they’re not part of the Sith Empire! So really the should be called “Shock Troopers” or something along those lines. Not only do they get the wrong name, Kylo Ren is not a Sith no matter how much he wants to be, but they totally stole Cardinal’s look! For those who may not be familiar with Cardinal he is one of the head instructors for the First Order and his armour is a vibrant red.

*Check out my post about Phasma, Cardinal and Pyre*

Now I’m all for having new and interesting troopers added to the mythos, like the Execution troopers from The Last Jedi (they were one of the FEW good things about that movie); but make sure that they’re unique. Obviously because it’s Star Wars they have to base it on something that came previous but look at Rogue One, the Death Troopers and Shore Troopers were completely unique to that film and they were both amazing. Don’t get me wrong, the armour they made looks really cool, but again, I feel like it’s just a rehash of Cardinal’s armour slightly updated.

Here’s what I mean…


and this is the new Sith Trooper…

Like I said, It looks badass, but they could’ve done a different colour. This looks like they mashed the Praetorian Guards from TLJ and Cardinal’s armour together to make these guys. It would’ve been a lot cooler to have some completely different colour for the Sith troopers, make them like a really dark blue almost black with white highlights. Now that would look awesome!

Despite my annoyance with the whole concept of them changing a well established armour set just because it isn’t “canon”, looks like Hot Toys will be getting my pre-order when it becomes available…

See you later this week!

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