Batman’s Most Powerful Armour

This morning while I was enjoying my breakfast, I turned on Youtube and found the newest video from one of my favourite channels, Variant Comics. This particular video showed the title card of “Batman’s Most Powerful Armor Revealed“. Now me, being a Batman fan through and through, thought “There’s no way they could do something more powerful than the HellBat armour that they already revealed. That thing was forged in the heart of the sun!” So I clicked the video and buckled down with my bowl of Vector to get educated.

The First thing I want to point out is the HellBat armour that they provided to Batman in the New 52 in Batman & Robin following Damian’s death at the hands of The Heretic. This armour was forged by all the members of the league for Batman to keep him safe while fighting either in space or against super powerful enemies because he is “the only one without powers”. The armour is made of a shifting nano kinetic metallic composition that was forged in the sun by Superman. The suit itself is voice activated and can be shed or reassembled on command. It has an AI interface to assist with it’s use and it’s cape can form into wings to allow for flight on voice command. The suit is also able to transfer all power into the chest and fire a powerful blast form the bat symbol at the center of the chest plate and has a cloaking feature to render him completely invisible.. The only downside of the armour is that in order for it to be powered it actively drains the user’s metabolism, and if used for a prolonged time, it could kill the user. Batman used it to battle Darkseid solo on Apokolips to recover Damian’s body for resurrection.

HellBat armour

I wanted to explain how powerful the HellBat armour is so that the comparison with the new armour can accurately be described. The HellBat armour allowed for Bruce to single handedly take on not just Darkseid, but Kalibak (Darkseid’s son), an army of Parademons, and the Sentries. This is a suit that can effectively do what it would take the entire Justice League to normally do!

Now that you understand how extremely powerful the HellBat armour is, let’s move onto his “Final Suit”.

Batman’s Final Suit comes from the Scott Snyder run on Justice League. Following some revelations from Mxyzptlk about how the fifth dimension is collapsing, he does exactly what he always does, he tricks the League. He explains that the fifth dimension is imagination that occurs all around us at all points in time, but that the sixth dimension (the multiverse control room) is only accessible by 4 people: The Monitor, The Anti-Monitor, The World Forger and their mother, Perpetua.

Mxyzptlk tells the League that only Superman can enter the sixth dimension and confront the creators to stop the eradication of Earth Prime. Supes agrees to go and gets trapped in a dark universe by Mxyzptlk. The rest of the League are transported to the “World of Tomorrow” where they meet the future League.

The League of Tomorrow

The future League turns out to be a ruse by the World Forger who tries to convince the League that he needs to smash his crisis causing hammer (this thing is responsible for all crises in DC continuity) on the Anvil Of Creation. When he does this, the World of Tomorrow will become the Prime world and those with a place in Tomorrow will be brought there. The League questions the Forger eventually discovering that those he deems to not have a place in Tomorrow will be wiped from existence. Naturally, the League rebels and is transported away by the Forger, save for Batman. Batman agrees with the Forger and stays in Tomorrow agreeing that it’s the best course of action to save as many as possible.

The Forger then takes Bruce into the Center of Tomorrow and shows him that Bruce made it all happen with his final suit that he constructed using Element X (tenth metal as it was called in the Dark Knights arc).

Bruce is shown his creation

The Final suit as it is called by the World Forger is Bruce’s ultimate creation. As the panel above explains, Bruce is able to see into the hearts of everyone in existence with it and re-write them cell by cell to be who he wants them to be. The suit puts the HellBat armour to shame and then kicks it when it’s down for good measure.

He has the ability to RE-WRITE ALL BEINGS AS HE SEES FIT! Not only does the suit grant him god-like power, but it also augments him to superman levels of strength, speed, etc. He is able to solo the entire Justice League with ease. To be clear, this contingent of the League contains: John Stewart/ Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter and Flash; and Batman swats them with ease.

The whole thing was a ruse carried out by Batman to allow Superman the time he needed to escape his prison and gain enough power to one punch the Forger. Legitimately, one punch him. One right hook and the World Forger went down.

The entire run is a little out there even for comics dealing with multiverses, but it all works extremely well and delivers some solid panels and lines. What does the new suit look like you might ask? Well it looks like this…

The Final Suit


I am eagerly awaiting this to come out in graphic novel form so that I can add it to my collection. See you next time!

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