What Cosplaying means

As I gear up to begin work on my next Fan Expo costume i am reminded of this past year at Fan Expo 2016, when both Chris and I received one of the best gifts someone could ask for. Before your mind races guessing what type of awesome loot we would receive at a convention let me simplify it for you; we received something only parents would understand, the admiration of children.

When we made our costumes for the year, Chris decided to go as Flash from Injustice Gods Among Us and I decided to go as one of my favourite characters Moon Knight from the Marvel Now! comic run, we made them because we liked the characters and thought it would be cool to go as them. As we began our tour of the floor on the first day we made our way down into the south building where the majority of the vendors are located. We had been asked to pose for a photo by some convention goers who really liked our costumes and had some questions about how they were made. As we prepared to head onto the convention floor and begin our journey into artists alley, a young boy ran up t Chris and Shouted “FLASH!”

Chris was a little taken aback and responded with a generic “hello”. The young boy then began gushing to Chris about how he loved him (Flash) and that he was his all time favourite hero. He dragged his little sister over by the arm and pointed to Chris and said “Look! It’s Flash!” his little sister looked up at Chris towering over her and smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen a child make. The young boy asked Flash if he could get a picture with him and his autograph in the colouring book he brought. By this time the boy’s parents had come over and were just as excited for the boy to have found Flash.

When the boy asked for the autograph Chris was taken by surprise and he looked to the mother for approval. Chris had the look of ‘Should i tell him I’m not the real Flash?’ and the mother silently mouthed to just go with it. Chris turned back to the young boy and smiled and said “Of course you can!” . The father picked up his camera and directed the photo op and snapped a picture of the duo. The young boy reached into his bag and pulled out a Justice League colouring book and a pen. He quickly flipped to the Flash’s page (which he had coloured in himself) and asked for his autograph. Chris snagged the pen and wrote Flash on the page and the young boy gave him a big hug before the parents ushered the kids away saying that Flash had to save Central City. Chris turned back to me and i asked him if he was okay and he just replied “I wasn’t ready for that” he picked up the bag containing our Monsters and we proceeded down Artists Alley.


My interaction came after we had finished in Artists Alley and had decided to take a break before heading back out onto the convention floor. Chris had gone to the cosplay room to fix a piece of his costume that had become unattached. I was waiting at the bottom of the escalators just inside the door in front of the Rain energy drink display. I had my back to the escalator door and was watching some of the convention goers taking photos and talking to other cosplayers. I heard someone walk up behind me, but i assumed it was just someone going to walk past me into the convention when I hear a meek voice ask “Mr. Knight?”

I turned around to see a young boy maybe 7 or 8 looking at me. When i turned around his face broke into a big smile and he motioned for his dad to come over with their camera. His dad rushed over just as excited as his son. The boy said ” It’s Mr. Knight dad! It’s really Mr. Knight!”

I responded to him by saying “Mr. Knight is out for the day, my name is Mr. Grant”, both the boy and his dad laughed and asked if they could get a photo with Mr. Grant then. “Of course!” I responded and i posed for the photo. The boy stood in front of me and we snapped the photo. he asked if they could take one more with him holding onto the truncheons I had made. I handed him the truncheons and took a different pose as the dad snapped the photo. The boy handed me back the truncheons and began telling me all about how he loved Moon Knight and how he wished Moon Knight would get his own series or movie soon.  I agreed with him and told him that Moon Knight was one of my favourite characters and that he should check out one of the booths because they have a lot of Moon Knight stuff. The boy whipped around and asked his dad if they could go check it out. His dad smiled and said of course they could. As they were walking away the dad turned to me and said ” Thank you for that, on of the only things he wanted was to see someone dressed as Moon Knight.” As the pair of them left i leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath.

Chris came down the escalator and found me leaning against the wall and I told him what had just happened. he smiled and said “It feels good to mean that much to someone doesn’t it?”

“Damn right it does” i replied as we picked up our bags and headed back onto the convention floor.

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