To Start Off

I started this blog to discuss something I have been passionate about for a long time, comics. I have always been fascinated with the superhero culture and being a part of it, even if just as a consumer,  has been a great experience. Superheroes have led to some very drawn out discussions with friends and other individuals on other forums, which i think is great to open others up to some characters they might not be familiar with. In particular, the age old debates of which hero would win if it came down to a fight. Those discussions always tend to bring out the best in everyone.

I intend to try and post at least one thing a week to help to clear my mind of everything rooting around up there. As time progresses there may be more than one post a week but i will try to always post at least once. Look for my upcoming documentation of my next Cosplay costume for Fan Expo 2017!

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